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Crowfunding Plan - Ass. Amici della Musica - EMF Lanciano
Sabato 8 Giugno 2019
The “Amici della Musica” Fedele Fenaroli Association, is a private organization established in 1974, for the promotion of musical training and concert activities held within the framework of the “Estate Musicale Frentana”, a summer music festival held in Lanciano, the center of Frentania, an area of the Abruzzo Region. The most important events organized by the “Amici della Musica” are the International Summer Music Courses for youth. These courses, attended by young musicians from all over the world, last an average of 7-10 days, during which the students receive instruction by musicians and conductors of international fame. At the end of the courses, the students are incorporated in the Fedele Fenaroli Youth Symphony Orchestra (“Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile”). While staying in Lanciano, these young musicians animate its cultural life for the entire duration of the Festival.

Lanciano was one of the first towns in Italy to launch this kind of courses and is now internationally renowned. The activities of the “Amici della Musica” Fedele Fenaroli are supported by social fees payed by members, as well as by grants from several key supporters, such as Lanciano Municipality (Comune di Lanciano), Abruzzo Region, Banca Popolare of Emilia Romagna, and Ministero dei Beni Artistici e Culturali (MIBAC). Unfortunately, during the last few years, the activities have been seriously compromised by dwindling economic support from public sources. For this reason, we have started a crowfunding plan, to get help from people who love Lanciano and music, who do not want the Association to be extinguished.

Many well-known musicians, including Dallapiccola, Petrassi, Gavazzeni, Vlad, Zecchi, Donatoni, Rota, along with conductors such as Ferrara, Chailly, Bellugi, De Bernart, Renzetti, have taught at the school. Artistic Directors have been Domenico Ceccarossi, Piero Guarino, Luigi Torrebruno, Bruno Boccia, and more recently, Luigi Piovano, Donato Renzetti and Andrea Tenaglia. Omar Crocetti is the current Artistic Supervisor. For many of the students, the “Estate Musicale Frentana” International Music Courses have proven to be a launching point for their careers. To support the courses would mean to promote the professional training of young people in a subject, Music, which has its natural foundation in Italy, neglected as it may be. These courses promote the cultural tradition of Lanciano and provide a precious opportunity for cultural advancement at the highest level for its citizens.

This year the International Music Courses of the “Estate Musicale Frentana” will be held in two classes, from July 12 to 20 and from August 2 to 10. The young musicians, selected on the basis of their applications, will receive a fellowship of 150 euros each for the full duration of training. An average of 50 people per course will be selected. The cost of each course, inclusive of the fellowships, teacher’s fees and other expenses will be 10.000 euros.

We hope to make it possible with your help.

Thank you!!
Crowfunding Plan - Ass. Amici della Musica - EMF Lanciano

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